Humanitarian Aid


Sharra Zone is an area on the outskirts of Tirana which is used as a refuse dump. Approximately 20 families live at the dump and survive from recycling materials they find there. Children are often used to collect any recycling materials that can be sold on, ensuring family livelihood. Alo!Mik have been working with the families with the aim of getting the children into local schools rather than working in the dangerous conditions on the dump.

We support the Sharra community through:

  • Ongoing provision of basic necessities such as food, clothes, shelter, etc.
  • Weekly meetings for women offering counseling in educational and social issues.
  • Access to reliable health care and health education.

For the last 5 years Alo!Mik have been running a project that sends children of the Sharra community to school, working in cooperation with the Regional Education Directorate of Tirana.

Alo!Mik helps to provide:

  • School registration for children aged 6-8 years old.
  • Educational support material.
  • Liaison and support for teachers from the participating schools.

With the support of this project, these children have access to schooling, adult assistance twice a week, and assistance with their homework.