Grain of Wheat International


Alo!Mik is part of Grain of Wheat International. We share values, standards of excellences, experience and resources through a Convenant of Partnership.

The story of Grain of Wheat International started when World War II left countless orphans in its wake and one man rose to the challenge of caring for them. In 1948, this man, Jean André, brought the first group of 120 children to Switzerland. Half of them were accommodated at Jura-Rosaly, one of the original homes, the other half with families in the nearby village.There, they were fed, cared for, nurtured and taught about God’s love—then they returned to their homelands refreshed and better equipped to grow up and become all God wanted them to be.

Now, more than 60 years later, Grain of Wheat International is actively nurturing and reaching out to children in 30 nations around the world. From those humble beginnings of a prosperous businessman with a worldwide grain shipping company, Grain de Blé (Grain of Wheat) Foundation started its ministry. The Foundation has grown, but one thing has remained constant;

From Albania, to Argentina, 
from Kuwait to Kazakhstan, 
from Russia to Romania: 
Every. Child. Counts.

In more than 30 countries, Grain of Wheat International (Grain de Blé) continues to provide crucial ministry for children. Working through long established relationships with local churches to provide a continuum of ministry as the children grow, the work provides long-term stability for the Christian walk of those who are served.

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