Educational Projects


Awareness Program

Alo!Mik organize weekly meetings with the children from ‘Zyber Hallulli’ an orphanage in Tirana. The meeting’s basis is a social and educational time with strong emphasis on the following:

Friendship and trust

  • Discussion topics centered on the education of children
  • The basics of caring for themselves
  • Developing healthy relationships

Children are divided into three groups according to their age and gender. During these meetings there is time for open discussion about child related problems and a chance to develop relationships that help instill confidence for their future.

‘Explorer’ Competition

The Alo!Mik Foundation always offer the children they work with the possibility to discover the values of the Bible.

The competition ‘Explorer’ leads children through Bible stories and messages. This competition, founded on biblical principles and values, is especially designed for children and helps to establish the moral and spiritual foundations of daily life.

The competition has been hugely popular and creates a lot of interest both from children and their parents. We still receive numerous requests from children to become participants in future competitions. With the support of their parents, thousands of children have successfully completed ‘Explorer’.