Alo!Mik was founded in 2003, and gained its juridical personality through the Tirana District Court on the 09/07/2003 (decision nr. 96). The By-law defines Alo!Mik as a Christian Humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) supporting children in Albania.

Alo!Mik is registered at Tirana Regional Branch of Fiscal Tax, with fiscal ID Numer K32417001H.

Alo!Mik offers its services in a close partnership with the Office of the State Social Services, being equiped with a QKL License nr. X.1.A dated from 11/10/2010 for ‘Community Social Care Services’.

As of 31st May 2011, according to the Albanian Ministry of Finance, Alo!Mik is recognized as an ‘NGO of Public Benefit’.