Our mission is to offer life changing care to children, bringing people together on a journey from brokenness to wholeness.

Our Focus

Vulnerable Children & Families

Despite enormous development progress over the past 2 decades, many families are still living in precarious situations and are struggling to ensure a minimum wellbeing. Good progresses have been done in creating a functional social protection system, however social care services are still limited and depending on NGOs.

Child Protection

All forms of abuse towards children are unacceptable. It is or duty to keep children safe, to promote their wellbeing and protect them from abuse and harm. Child protection is the “prevention of and response to abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence against children” (CPMS).

Faith Development

Attention to faith development must go hand in hand with all other aspects of development (Dan Brewster). When spirituality is given the attention it deserves, research shows that we can have a positive contribution to children’s lives and development.

Trauma & Crisis

Trauma can be experimented because of a variety of situations: as a single event (a natural disaster, the loss of a loved one, a serious accident or an assault) or repeatedly through witnessing domestic violence, being in a war zone or experiencing longstanding emotional or physical neglect or abuse. All those events can have a lasting impact on children well-being and development, bringing pain and suffering in their lives.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an issue that affects all spheres of the society.  It is not just about physical violence but more widely about the control of a victim by an intimate partner. In Albania, statistics show that at least half of all women have experienced one or more types of domestic violence. To end it and support victims, the whole community needs to stand up and to work together.

Nos Interventions

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 Centre social communautaire 

Services pour les enfants et les familles à risque

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Eden Park
Centre de Camps &


Un lieu riche d'expériences porteuses d'espoir

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Centre de

Trauma & Crises

Services spécialisés axés sur les traumatismes

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& Mise en réseau

Soutien aux responsables de ministère d'enfants

Our Actions

We CARE...

for children and families through direct and holistic interventions
for those working with them (including our own staff) by building spiritual, relational and practical care.


children and families to become agent of changes in their own lives and in their communities
children’s workers & professionals to offer life changing care to children


children’s workers & professionals to go beyond their own comfort zone and reach out to children
churches & families to respond to God’s call to care for the most vulnerable


children and families with the local church
children’s workers & professionals to exchange and work together in order to bring large-scale change for children
local evangelical actors between them to build God’s Kingdom of love and safety for children and with public institution for a larger and recognized impact