From brokenness to wholeness!

A word from our director

Each time I walk alongside a child in his journey from brokenness to wholeness, I find myself thinking about transformation. First because it is at the very heart of our mission. But mostly because for a child to flourish out of a very broken life, a significant power of transformation must take place.  

Yes, it is true that the Gospel itself contains the magical chemistry for a New Life. We also consider our interventions as vectors of transformation as they offer opportunities to embrace different perspectives of the Gospel of Life. 

As a team, our prayer and responsibility is to continually evaluate and improve the quality of the services we offer, in order to ensure effective programs and optimal outcome attainment in the lives of those we serve.  

As you go through those memories and testimonies, I hope you will join us in thanking God for His goodness and His faithfulness!  

Let it be an encouragement for each one of us in our journey towards growth!   

Sylvain Vergnon - Director 

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