Community Center - Services for children and families at risk


OASIS Center is a multifunctional community center which offers integrated services for children and families in need. Approximately 120 persons (25 families - 35 children) attend our center: on a daily basis for the children, while parents benefit from weekly follow-up and activities either at the center or through home visits.

OASIS Center is the continuation of almost 20 years of commitment to the Roma & Egyptian community that used to live on the Tirana dump.

Families from this community are now rehoused outside the dump and show a better social integration, in the neighborhood of Kombinat (social housing, employment, schooling, social life).

Mission & Goals 

We want to see children:

  • protected from violence and abuse and living in empowered & caring families surrounded by a caring community.
  • with increased sense of well-being and resilience.
  • becoming agents of change in their families and communities.


Services for children (5 to 18 years old)

Basic needs care

Academic support

Psychosocial activities

Therapy (art, play & developmental)

Recreative activities

Mentoring program

Services for families 

Housing support

Practical support

Psychosocial support

Family activities

Awareness sessions
(couple, parenting & etc.)

Community activities


Familja e Soniles dhe Emiljano

Bonnes Nouvelles


Our work is established in connection with the social services, which recognize this project as a unique success in the integration of marginalized people who have regained their dignity and resilience in life.

We are also supported by a number of faithful partners:

  • Alo ! Mik France
  • FoodBank Albania
  • HRDC
  • Schools in Kombinat
  • Etc....